Our services

  1. To enroll in Universities, Colleges, Courses.
    • Valuable consultation to choose a right field and university
    • Detailed information about requirements
    • Filling applications and preparing necessary documents
    • Controlling procedure of admission and filled documents
    • Organizing on-line conference with University officials
    • Brief information before leaving or arrival
    • Providing brochures about airport pick up
    • Providing brochures about the life style of that country
    • Consultation will be given in office or via email, phone.
    • All abovementioned services are in reasonable price.
  2. To teach English, General course, IELTS, TOEFL
    • Providing handouts
    • Testing after each task
    • Organizing debate classes
    • Organizing chain games
    • Organizing competition
    • Unlimited time to use our lab
    • All above mentioned services are in reasonable price.
    We guarantee to boost your knowledge and have successful result.
  3. To win full and partial scholarships.
    • Assisting in writing CV
    • Assisting in writing Statement of Purpose
    • Assisting in writing Study Program
    • Informing about Scholarship Programs
    • Informing about Conferences
    • All abovementioned services are free of charge


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