The CTL Eurocollege

The CTL Eurocollege is the continuation of the CTL Academy , which was founded in 1966 in Famagusta, Cyprus, and offered middle senior and higher education.

Through the years, The CTL Eurocollege developed into an independent Institution of European character. It is now located in the most cosmopolitan coastal city of Cyprus, Limassol. A city which offers all the amenities of major tourist center, but which retains the personal touch and friendly environment of smaller tourist destinations. Our students come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and form a community which thrives in an environment of tolerance and understanding.


  • To encourage students to develop their potential.
  • To encourage students to develop their ideas and to express them in an effective and concise way at all levels.
  • To eliminate racial, ethnic, religious and sexual discrimination and promote team work through a caring and accepting attitude towards other cultures.
  • Promotion of research and development with industry, business, the professions and services, educational and cultural institutions and the public sector.
  • To adopt flexible and diversified approaches to meet new programs of studies, through the credit system.
  • Involvement in the development of modern scientific theories and practices in the fields of management, productivity, quality control and cost control.
  • Contribution towards economic and social prosperity by offering the opportunity for continued education, improvement and development through flexible full-time and part-time tuition evening classes, seminars and short courses.
  • To participate in collegiate and inter-collegiate activities of a social, cultural, athletic nature.

International recognition

The CTL Eurocollege has close search and cooperation with Universities in the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium Switzerland and other European countries, thus provides excellent transfer opportunities to its students.

CTL students who have successfully completed the Bachelor’s Degree, subject to their performance, are accepted to pursue their Master’s Degree.

Students who have completed their Diploma (Associate Degree) are accepted as transfer students to complete their undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s Degree).

Transfer Opportunities for CTL Students

U.K., USA, France, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium

  1. For Bachelor’s Degree
    • 2 years at CTL Eurocollege + 1 year (Europe)
    • 2 years at CTL Eurocollege + 2 years (Europe, USA)
  2. For Master’s Degree (The MBA programme of The CTL Eurocollege is approved and registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture.)
    Bachelor’s Degree of CTL Eurocollege + 1 year (Europe)
  3. For MBA –Master of Business Administration
    Complete 11 modules (subjects) with the CTL Eurocollege and 3 modules (including dissertation) with the University of Sunderland (UK)


The CTL Eurocollege maintains agreements with the following Universities:

  • East London University - England
  • Moscow State Pedagogical University - Russia
  • Institute Franco-American de Management (IFAM), Paris France.
  • Institute Franco-American de Management (IFAM), Paris France for MBA
  • California State University
  • University of Sunderland - England


Over the years the CTL Eurocollege has maintained links with the following Universities, which accept or have accepted CTL students, as transfer students without any formal written agreement:

  • University of Westminster - England
  • South Bank Universities - England
  • United Business Institute - Belgium
  • University of Glamorgan - Wales
  • Staffordshire University - England
  • Bishop’s University - Canada
  • New Haven University, - New York
  • Richmond , American International University - England
  • British American College London - England
  • North London University - England
  • Northumbria University - England
  • Wales University - Wales
  • Caledonia Glasgow University - Scotland
  • Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland
  • Essex University - England
  • Sussex University - England
  • Loughborough University - England
  • University of East Anglia - England
  • Dublin City University - Ireland
  • European Business School - England
  • European University - Belgium
  • Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship, Russia
  • Coastal Carolina University - USA
  • Sheffield University – England


Please note that the Universities, which accept transfer students will base their judgement on the following criteria:

  • The academic performance of the student at the College of origin, the marks earned and the attendance record of the student
  • Proof of the level of knowledge of English by the student
  • The course of study of the student, which must be compatible to a similar course for which the student applies at the University
  • The reference letter from the director of the College to support the application and advise that the student will benefit as a result of the transfer.

Similarly CTL Eurocollege students may pursue qualifications through examinations for the:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • European Computer Driving License (ECDL)
  • American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA)

The development of search and collaboration connected with the expansion of programs of study, to cover also postgraduate level, reflects a tremendous benefit for the student.


The CTL, now settled in its new premises at the corner of St. Ayias Filaxeos and Macedonias ave., is able to satisfy the students’ needs and requirements as it provides 12 lecture - seminar rooms, a computer lab, a library, a conference room, (for special sessions, presentations, screenings and quest-lectures), a staff room, 5 offices and of course a cafeteria along with the appropriate sanitary facilities for students and staff.

Computer Lab In order to satisfy the Programs' needs the College maintains a Computer Lab equipped with Multimedia of the latest technology. The available number of PCs, to satisfy the class requirements, one PC for each student, combined with the excellent assistance offers the CTL students the best conditions to practice. A large fully air-conditioned space where all the computer classes are held and where students can practice during opening hours. We have built the applications, solutions covering the Internet server, e-mail server, security and long distance training server based on a Silicon Graphics powerful server which provides all of the above at a highest possible speed. Although most of the CTL Programs include computer subjects it is our aim to encourage all students to make extensive use of the Lab, during their study hours, when this is available.
The Library The College library which was recently extended is equipped with a variety of books, journals, magazines and reading material which is helpful to the students' education. Particular attention is given to current bibliography and periodicals on the College Programs in order to meet the educational needs of the students. The CTL library lends books to registered students only and is a source and place of research and study, not only in the College's Programs of Study but also for general knowledge.
The Study Room Among the facilities, the College provides an independent Study Room, for students and teaching staff, where one can concentrate and study or quietly pass his/her time with a newspaper or magazine. The room can also be used for tutoring, counseling or assignment workshop.
The Conference Room A large room situated on the second floor of the building, which can host conferences, seminars and guest lectures. It is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for presentations and video projections. The room's flexibility in conjunction with the adjacent cafeteria enables it to serve as a reception hall as well.
The Staff Room While the policy of the College is to encourage good communication between the lecturers and the students, the College provides a specially designed place where the Teaching staff can meet among themselves and discuss with other colleagues and work during their free time.
The Cafeteria Situated on the second floor and overlooking a large part of the city of Limassol, the CTL Cafeteria offers a large air conditioned space - with a small veranda - where students and staff can spend their free time. A hot/cold beverage and a snack but also a hot meal can be enjoyed while socializing in a friendly atmosphere. A number of indoor games like table tennis, chess, backgammon are available. Students’ meetings and activities can also be held in there.

Admission requirements

The CTL Eurocollege offers equal opportunity for admission to both home and international students and implements the policy of non-discrimination in student admission. Candidates for admission are considered without reference to race, colour, religion, sex, handicap or national origin.

Candidates should satisfy one of the following:

  • Local Students: A Lyceum Leaving Certificate (Apolyterion) or equivalent. International Students: Secondary School and High-School(Senior/Intermediate 10+2) leaving certificates, (eleven years for Russian Candidates).
  • Acceptable grades (minimum C) in G.C.E. or IGCSE Examinations in relevant subjects.
  • Candidates should also be in a position to produce evidence of sufficient knowledge or adequate command of the English language(See Evidence of Knowledge of English)

Evidence of Knowledge of English

The language of instruction at CTL Eurocollege is English. On arrival students will take a simple placement test to assess their knowledge of English. Successful students can join the programmes of their choice. Those who do not achieve the required grade have to complete an intensive English course successfully before they are allowed to join their main programme. Students holding TOEFL, GCE, IELT, IGCSE or other equivalent examinations at acceptable grades are not required to sit the placement test and can join the programme of their choice directly.

Admission: Scholarships

The CTL College offers a number of scholarships (full or partial), per Semester. They are offered to local first year students on the following criteria:

  • A general Average Mark of at least 18/20 or 90/100 on the High School Leaving Certificate (Apolyterion).
  • Other criteria, such as:
    • To be a child of a missing person
    • To be a child of a multi member or poor family
    • To be an orphan
    • To be a member of a 1st Category sports team

Along with the above, the students should have a General Average mark of at least 16/20 or 80/100 on the High School Leaving Certificate.

International students are eligible for an Academic Merit Scholarship, in the form of a discount on the tuition fees, which is granted after an excellent academic performance at CTL.

The approval of a scholarship application, according to the above criteria, as well as the type of scholarship (full or partial), is totally left to the jurisdiction of the Academic Committee.

Any revision of the scholarship criteria will be announced by the Board of Directors or the academic Committee before the Commencement of the Academic Year.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Any CTL student is eligible for an Academic Merit Scholarship, depending on their academic achievement in the Semester. A student who achieves exceptional academic performance in a Semester is awarded an amount of money as prize, in the form of reduction on next Semester’s fees, except when the student is a graduate in which case the scholarship will be given in the form of prize money. Detailed information and the exact amount is announced in the duration of the Semester.

Studying and Working.

According to the new Law 2007, modifying the migration Law, overseas, full time and regular students, who have been registered at least for 6 months , are allowed to work, up to 20 hours per week during holidays.

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