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Fast Education ENGLISH Center delivers language coaching and specialized programs to meet the needs of professional and business clients. Our programs will help individuals and/or employees learn Business English for work related purposes. The focus of our program is to develop English language ability within a business context.

English is the international language of business and people from different language backgrounds are now working together in different sectors using English as their common means of communication. Our programs encourage participants to learn business English for effective workplace communication. Participants will learn practical and relevant skills that can be applied immediately to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity. We ensure that all training is relevant, practical and designed to meet your specific workplace requirements.

Business English programs are available on a one-to-one basis, or to a small group from the same company. Besides, this the very course can be given in workplace on the demand of company!

Business English course content

Participants can choose from a variety of Business English topics to include in their program. This can include spoken and written communication skills, language for the workplace, presentations and negotiations, meetings, teamwork and workplace culture.

Our Business English service includes:

  • needs analysis and assessment
  • professional instruction
  • relevant materials
  • progress reports

To discuss your Business English needs with one of our team please complete our online-booking form. We look forward to helping you learn Business English to enable you to meet your communication objectives!

Business English Course Length Days : 16 weeks
Hours per day : 2
Group size: maximum of 5-7
Days & time: Flexible


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