Medical English

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English for Medical Purposes

The Course

This courses is for medical professionals who have desire to work in English-speaking countries. The maximum class size is 5-7, allowing a fair amount of individual time with the teacher. The objective of the course is to is to prepare learners for working in a medical environment in which the first language is English. The course includes material for a number of positions within Medicine; Doctors, Nurses and Midwives are catered for. The course reflects the constant innovation and development in Medicine, particularly within investigation techniques and treatment.

Course Participants :

The course includes material for a number of positions within Medicine, including Doctors, Nurses and Medical Administrators. Course-entry requires a strong intermediate level of English. The small-class size accommodates a broader range of ability, the teacher is able to adapt material for different levels of ability so higher intermediate to lower advanced learners can enroll. The small class size of 5-7 also allows the teacher to analyze students’ needs and then provide input for those needs.

Course Content :

Speaking and Pronunciation:We aim to develop spoken communication with patients and their families and between medical colleagues. Areas in which input is provided include; taking a history, asking about systems and symptoms, instructing, explaining, reassuring, discussing a diagnosis and medical treatment. Pronunciation of the often-complicated medical lexis is also explored and practiced.

Listening:Understanding the colloquial and layman’s English used by patients when visiting the Doctor is examined. Authentic dialogues of exchanges and consultations between professionals and patients and between colleagues are included in the course and used for analysis of language.

Reading and Writing: The use of reference materials and articles from medical journals are employed as reading texts. Learning to interpret medical charts and laboratory data is also covered in the course. Written practice is provided in producing referral letters, and a range of medical documents.

Medical Lexis. Input on the various body systems, hospital environment, illness and disease, amongst other areas, is provided on the course. The everyday English used by patients when describing symptoms is also examined.

Medical English Course Length
Days : 16 weeks
Hours per day : 2
Group size: maximum of 5-7
Days & time: Flexible


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