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Want to start speaking English from your first lesson? You will! Our courses take you by the hand and guide you through real English conversations. Just imagine... You will finally understand every English word you hear.


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Lectures 8
Quizzes 1
Duration 1 Year
Skill Level Beginner
Students 50
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes

Teacher:Sanat Akramov


Enrolled:302 Student Enrolled

Course Time:05 Years

250 000

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Mental Math

Mental math promotes faster and faster calculations, allowing the brain to quickly recall memorized math facts to calculate the given problem. Mental math isn't about memorization, though, it's about manipulating what you are able to quickly recall to calculate a given problem. Mental computation strategies help children develop higher order thinking, reasoning, critiquing, and making sense of number and number operations. Mental mathematics will not only serve students well in school but outside of the classroom as well.

7 reasons why doing mental maths is important:
• Enhances children’s ability to concentrate.
• It stimulates children’s interest in maths.
• Improves the self-confidence of the child.
• Helps with the application skills in maths.
• Helps to reduce mistakes in problem-solving.
• Strongly associated with better memory skills.
• It stimulates both sides of the brain

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